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In connection with downloading and viewing any of the documents made available on this website, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you: (a) are (i) a beneficial owner of the 12% Senior Secured Notes due 2022 (the “Notes”) of ACE Cash Express, Inc., (ii) a prospective beneficial owner of the Notes, or (iii) a securities analyst; (b) agree (i) to keep confidential all information obtained from this website as well as all information from any conference call organized by ACE Cash Express, Inc., (ii) to not distribute such information or any information or advice extrapolated therefrom to any third party unless, (x) you are a securities analyst and (y) to the best of your knowledge, such third party is, or has indicated that it is considering becoming, a holder of the Notes, and (iii) to not use such information for any purpose other than as described in clause (ii); and (c) will implement and maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure compliance with clause (b), to the extent such safeguards do not already exist.

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